Introduction to Financial Management in Public Health

The course is designed to provide the foundational aspects of financial management. It will specifically address financing public health programs. This free asynchronous course is formatted as a self-paced training. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the importance of public health financing
  2. Describe the way that public health services are funded by the federal government
  3. Describe the way that public health services are funded by the state and local governments
  4. Define the types of federal grants 
  5. Explain the grant application process 
  6. Explain the tasks involved in grant management  
  7. Describe the overall planning process and its importance to mission success.
  8. Examine the format and use of several types of budgets.
  9. Create a simple operating budget.

Target Audience:

  • Public Health Professionals
  • Program Managers
  • Non-profits
  • Students

CEU: Not available at this time

Duration: 3 hours  

Authors: Kelly Morning, MPH;  Anna Dobbins, MPH, Joyce Abeng, MPH

Editors: Gerold Dermid, MBA, Sara Hanafi, MPH, Bjorn Blomquist, MPH

Questions: Kelly Morning,

Course Curriculum

  1. 01
    • Course Instructions

    • Demographic Survey

  2. 02
    • Module 1: Public Health Financing

    • Module 2: Federal Funding Mechanisms

    • Module 3: Financial Planning and Budgeting

  3. 03
    • Course Evaluation

Training instructions, materials, and links are available inside the course modules. After your registration is complete, log into your MakingHealthHappen account to access the course dashboard.

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