Rural Nevada Public Health Summit

Summit Information:

In-Person Event: May 23, 2022- May 25, 2022
Carson Valley Inn, 1627 US Hwy, 395 N, Minden, NV 89423

May 23, 2022, 3pm - 8pm: Registration and Optional Mixer

May 24, 2022, 8am- 4:15pm: Conference Presentations

May 25, 2022: 8 am- 1pm: Conference Presentations

The Rural Nevada Public Health Summit aims to highlight the work of public health leaders across rural Nevada. This 3-day conference will explore new concepts and strategies for tackling the unique public health needs of rural Nevada. 

The Rural Nevada Public Health Summit includes 3 tracks: 

Track 1: Essentials of Public Health Practice
Track 1 is designed for participants interested in gaining an in depth understanding of the public health landscape in rural Nevada, including successes, challenges, and areas for improvement. 

Track 2: Capacity Building and Infrastructure for Rural Public Health
Track 2 is designed for participants interested in the current projects and future recommendations to expand public health capacity and infrastructure in rural Nevada. 

Track 3: Innovative Programs and Practices in Rural Public Health
Track 3 is designed to highlight the outstanding programs occurring throughout rural Nevada to advance the health of communities. This track will provide an in depth conversation on how these innovative programs can be adopted throughout rural Nevada.

Please use the following link to review the Rural Nevada Public Health Summit Agenda.


Target Audience:

  • Public health professionals
  • Community members 
  • Students

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Duration: ~ 3 days

Continuing Education: N/A


Registration Fee Waiver
Individuals interested in attending the Rural Nevada Public Health Summit can apply for a registration fee waiver. This waiver covers the full cost of registration. Participants will be responsible for any travel costs associated with attending the summit. You do not need to be residing in rural Nevada to apply for the registration fee waiver. 

Apply here.  


The Nevada Public Health Institute will be providing the following sponsorship levels for the Rural Nevada Public Health Summit.

$7,500 Title Sponsor 

$5,000 Lunch Presentation Sponsor 

$2,000 Breakfast Sponsor

If you are interested in sponsoring the Rural Nevada Public Health Summit, please contact Anna Dobbins at

Course Content

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    • Download Calendar Reminder

    • Rural Nevada Public Health Summit Welcome

    • Demographic Survey

    • Rural Public Health Summit Agenda

    • Conference Tracks

    • Event Location and Hotel Reservations

    • Summit Evaluation

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