Committed to global health research and practice at partnering sites throughout the world, we lead research and practice projects in Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, Turkey, Czech Republic, China, Bangladesh, Paraguay and Peru. NVPHTC is excited to offer ongoing international fieldwork programs to provide hands-on training experiences to students. These engaged practice courses allow students the opportunity to fully emerge themselves into local cultures while applying their public health knowledge across the world.

Current Highlights

“School of Public Health faculty and students have traveled to Peru for a partnership with the Nevada Building Hope Foundation to implement and evaluate a CPR and first aid training program to two Amazon river communities. In addition to needs assessments, CPR and first aid, visitors also taught personal hygiene and how to make soap in one of the communities.”


“ A group of six students traveled to Paraguay, South America. Students provided needs assessments and public health education to two indigenous Ache communities. The students provided public health education on sanitation, hygiene, and the causes of parasitic diseases. Lessons were also given on family planning and over fifty women received ovulation tracking bracelets. ”


“In August 2019, eight SCHS students traveled to Kigali, Rwanda to continue a long-time partnership with the Niyo Cultural Centre. Students worked with the local community to educate about HIV, eye health, and sun protection with an albinism community. The Niyo Cultural Center has been a partner of the Nevada Public Health Training Center since 2015 and has provided countless students with service learning projects. ”


Global Partners

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